About Us

Everything you need to know about 1RDS Ltd.

Why choose Us.

We at 1RDS Ltd. strongly believe that through proper training and reliable tools all defence & security agencies around the world can really make a difference by avoiding obstacles and therefore be more efficient in the distribution of logistics and human resources focusing on causes and not the effects of today’s criminal organization´s actions.

We can help you to break through those obstacles achieving your organization´s or government´s goals by having specialized training for specific issues or problems but mostly by sharing the knowledge and experience of our international certified trainers either by training or advisory services.

Our Mission.

To provide partnership to governments by facilitating former experience international members of the military and police around the globe creating a more efficient way of sharing knowledge through: formal and professional training, advisory, certification and developing of technological tools to confront today’s foreign and domestic threats.

What we Do.

1RDS Ltd.was primarily focus in the process of certification thought the training of military and law enforcement personnel from agencies and countries around the globe. By providing these services we discover many obstacles that these agencies as a common factor in many countries must face in order to accomplish efficient results.

As part of the advisory and mentoring services we were able to aid in developing technological tools to obtain, analyze and disseminated information and intelligence product to those in the field that desperately need it.

Today 1RDS Ltd. include as part of our services: Military and Police Certification for: policeman, soldiers, analysts and investigators from beginners to instructors using on-site and the latest online training technology available. We also provided our very own Defence and Security platform scalable and flexible to adjust in particular areas and different threats. We also provide advising and mentoring of organization in matters of defence, security and development of technologies.



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Who are our Clients?

The privacy of our client is a priority for 1RDS Ltd. that is why we do not present current and former clients as an effort to keep our services confidential. 1RDS Ltd. do not use publicity by exposing clients and services deployed to them, our company works by referral of services meaning that a satisfying client will always lead us to a new one.